01. Arrival in Addis Ababa. Meet your vehicle and the guide. Transfer to the hotel. Afternoon make the tour of the capital. ON hotel

02. Very early in the morning arrive in Addis at 04:30 and connection fly to Bahirdar. Morning visit the Blue Nile falls. Afternoon boat on lake Tana for monasteries.

Meals & ON hotel

03. Drive to Gondar and afternoon have a tour of Gondar. The city’s unique imperial compound contains a number of castles built 1632 to 1885 by the various Emperors who reigned during this period. These dramatic castles, unlike any other in Africa, display richness in architecture that reveals the Axumite traditions as well as the influence of Arabia; the church of Debre-Berhan  Sellassie (Light of the Trinity ), which located at the summit of a hill and surrounded by fortified walls. The interior is decorated with its unique murals.  Other treasures of Gonder include the 18th century palace of Ras Beit, the Bath of Fasildas and the swimming pool of King Fassik which is used to baptize Christians during Ethiopia n Epiphany on 19th of January every year.

Meals & ON hotel

04. Drive to Semien Mountains; passing through Beginning of civilization in Ethiopia (history of more than 3,000 years), the winding road follows the spectacular canyon of the river Tekeze, one of the principal rivers of Ethiopia Followed by the adventurous road of Loma-limo and the Semien Mountains admiring spectacular views over; enter into the Semien Mountains National Park as far as Sankaber (World heritage site) to visit its superb scenery, the endemic fauna like the Gelada Baboon, birds like Lammergeyer and flora such as the Abyssinian wild rose; Overnight Sankaber camp site

05. Trekk from Sankaber to Geech; overnight Geech camping.

06. Morning and with lunch box, scenic Geech – Immet Gogo view point Emateye to Chenek at 3620 meters, home to the endemic Ethiopia Wolf  Walia Ibex as well as the Klipspringer and bushbuck. En route pass some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in Ethiopia; stop to view the Gelada monkey, and tale a short walk to a waterfall. Apicnic will be arranged in the scenic spot. Afternoon will be leisure time; overnight camping in Chenek.

07. The Chenek campsite offers superb views across to the opposite escarpment after breakfast you trek to Ambilco, Bwahit pass the elevation of Bwahit 4430 mts and then continue to Ambilco.  In the Park, many of the mountain peaks exceed 4,000; the highest is Ras Dejen, at 4,620 meters above sea level. These mountains consist of volcanic masses that have been further deepened by rivers; grassy valley absolutely filled with 3 and 4 meters tall Giant Lobelias.  The crevices play host to the Waliya Ibex and Ethiopia Wolves of the Semien Mountains;

08. From Ambilco climb to the Ras Dashen (4620mts).In the Park many of the mountain peaks exceed 4,000m; the highest is Ras Dejen, at 4620m above sea level. ON camp Ambilco

09. From Ambilco back to Chiroleba and meet the vehicle at Chiroleba then drive to Debark; overnight in Hotel in Debark

10. Drive to Axum. Lunch box on the way; dinner & ON hotel

11. Full day visit of Axum. Meals & ON hotel

12. Fly to Lalibela. Afternoon visit the first group of the rock hewn churches. Meals & ON hotel

13. Morning visit one church out of town as Asheten Mariam or Yemerehenna Kristos. Afternoon remaining churches in Lalibela. Meals & ON hotel

14. Transfer to the Airport to fly to Addis. You have day use room. EVA DN Tours dinner invite you in a traditional restaurant with folkloristic dances. After dinner transfer to Airport for your departure.

Please note: The above program can be adjusted according to your time, Budget and interest.