01. FRI. Arrival in Addis Ababa. Transfer to the chosen hotel. Have a free morning. Afternoon (1400 hrs from the hotel) tour of the capital: visit the National museum, St George church and the Mercato, biggest open air market in Africa. Meals free. ON (overnight) hotel

02. SAT. Morning drive back to Ankober via Debre Birhan, a former imperial capital to visit Menelik the II Palace and walk to explore the Bird & wild life watching from marvelous views over the escarpment of Ankober. Dinner & ON Ankober Palace Lodgeor camping

03. SUN. Drive to Ankober admiring very nice views and proceed to reach on time to visit to Sunday’s Senbete village market of Oromo people. Continue then to Dessie Dinner & ON hotel

04. MON. Drive to visit the very colorful Afar and Oromo people market at Bati village. The Afar people come with their camels caravans selling salt and other products; while the Oromo will sell agriculture and other products. Is the most colorful market of northern Ethiopia. Dinner & ON hotel in Woldya

05. Drive through lake Ashengi and very nice views, to Mekele. Dinner & ON hotel in Mekele

06. Morning visit Wikro Cherkos church and then enter into the Danakil. Lunch on the way; dinner & ON Assobole or Ahmed Ale, on beds in open air

07. Drive to Dallol where you see the difficult work on the extraction of salt and loading on camels. Then proceed to visit the fantastic views of mountains, sulfates and lakes-geysers and more; which are really unique. Lunch box; dinner & overnight back camping at Assobole or Ahmed Ale

08. Drive to visit an Afar people local village. Then proceed to the ErtaAle volcano & start climbing it at late afternoon (it takes about 4 hrs to climb it). Pass the full night on the volcano, see the lava and breathtaking views. Lunch box on the way; dinner & ON in open huts & sleeping just on mattresses at open air.

09. Early morning walk back to the vehicles and have your breakfast. Then drive to lake Afrera. Visit Afar people extracting salt from lake Afrera. Proceed then to Semera, the capital of the Afar people region. Lunch box; dinner & ON hotel in Semera.

10. Proceed then to Yangudi Rassa national park & Mile-Serdo wild Ass Reserve. Its 4730 square kilometers of territory include Mount Yangudi near the southern border and the surrounding Rassa Plains, with altitudes from 400 to 1459 meters above sea level. Sandy semi-desert and wooded grassland cover the majority of the park’s area. Yagundi Rassa & the adjacent Mile-Serdo wild Ass Reserve (8,766 km²) are known for the visit of the wild ass. Then large animals native to the park include Beisa oryx, Soemmering’s gazelle, gerenuk and Grevy’s . Bird species of interest include Phoenicopterus minor, petronia brachudactyla and Ardeotis arabs. The Awash-Asseb highway crosses the Yangudi Rassa National Park, as does the Awash River. Dinner & ON camping

11. Drive to the Awash National park, to reach it in the afternoon. Late afternoon have a game drive, visit the Awash falls, spot crocodiles and hippos in the Awash river, spot different kind of birds and enjoy the unique flora and fauna. This park covers 756 square kilometers of acacia woodland and grassland. The Addis Ababa -Dire Dawa highway passes through this park, separating the Illala Saha Plains to the south from the Kudu Valley to the north. In the south of the park the Awash River gorge has amazing waterfalls. In the upper Kudu Valley at Filwoha are hot springs amid groves of palm trees. Wildlife in this park include the East African Orxy, Soemmerrings gazelle, dik-dik, the lesser and greater kudus and greater kudus, and warthogs Anubis baboons and hamadryas baboons are present, as well as over 453 species of native birds like the North African ostriches. Dinner & ON Doho lodge or awash Falls lodge or camping

12. Drive back to Addis Ababa. Have a room available till 18 hrs for relax. Dinner in a traditional restaurant with folkloristic dances. Then transfer airport for departure


+ Extension DJIBOUTI 12 days:

09. SUN.Drive to the Ethiopian-Djibouti border. After the border process, proceed to Lake Abe for spectacular views. Dinner & overnight arranged camp

10. Visit and walks at lake Abe, visit the sulfates, geysers, wildlife and enjoy the spectacular landscape. Drive then to lake Easal for very nice views and a much different landscape. Finally continue to Tadjoura, the old capital of Djibouti, with very nice white sand beaches. Dinner & overnight in hotel

11.  Drive to Goda Mountains visit Bankouale waterfall and village. Afternoon relax in Tadjoura for swimming, diving, snorkeling and more. Optional you can rent a boat and make excursion to some islands as Mucha or Sette Freres islands and make some diving or snorkeling. Dinner & overnight in hotel

12. Morning drive to Djibouti capital & short visit. Then transfer to the airport for your flight back to Addis & connect to your international flight.